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My New Fav Combo

I love the scent of the musk solid perfume and the before the sunset eau de perfume separately, but the complexity of them together is so nice! The scent lasts all day and I always get compliments when I wear them. This is definitely my new favorite combo 10/10 will buy again

Love it!

I love the scents! The tube is a little hard to use but scents are amazing!

Very disappointed with this product

I bought this perfume in Japan. When I returned to Australia and started using it, I discovered that the product did not hold the scent at all. The scent evaporates instantly after application. Very disappointed with this product

package returned and no notification,No refund or reshipping

Because of the address problem, the courier has returned the express package. How to solve the problem now? I have sent several emails to your company so far, but they have been ignored.

Worst purchase experience ever

I kept asking for help and refund since September 21, 2023. The order I received was completely different from what I ordered and customer service and HR never responded.

Naked Sandalwood 201
Racquel Cooke
Smells so good!

I LOVE this scent and how I feel wearing it.

Wrong order

I received a wrong order, the items I received were completely different from what I ordered. I emailed a few times and messaged on instagram and under instagram posts, no one ever replied.

Naked Musk 103
Brettina Tarasut-Voicu
Always get compliments

I have been stopped by people to ask what I am wearing. Always get compliments. I bought for family thet loved it so much. Travel freindly

Wrong order

I got a wrong order a month ago, the order was completely different from what I ordered, none of the items were right. I emailed them twiceu and messaged them twice on instagram, no reply at all.

Wrong order

I received a totally different order, the items I received were completely different from what I ordered. The receipt online and the label on the box were the right order but the items inside the package and the paper receipt inside were completely different.

Void Wood
Lorrine Peng
Not Your Typical Woody Scent

The smell wasn’t what I expected based on the notes. I smell green and woody, but I don’t get any of the Jasmine middle notes at all. It’s a soft wet wood scent. This perfume has no projection of this at all on my skin. Definitely has to be within 4-5 inches of skin to smell and lasts about 4-5 hours on me.

Wrong scents sent

The wrong scents were sent and no body replied my emails regarding the wrong scents. I ordered the Peel the Bergamot / Sandalwood 201 and they sent me the first and Musk!!!

Solid Perfume Trial Kit _ Sample

Naked Sandalwood 201
Lorrine Peng
Slightly Minty

Not what I expected at all. I don’t get the woody smell.. but more so minty. It smells like a Chinese minty ointment my parents use to use on me when I get a bug bite. The texture is very similar to it as well..

Second time ordering a layering set

I absolutely love the way this smells on me. I layer Musk and The First. It's difficult to stop smelling myself. I'm interested in other scent combos but can't seem to get over this first one (fitting name haha). I do hope they come out with stronger oil roll on options at some point.

Love it!

This is the perfect size to carry around wherever I go. I get compliments from the coffee shop to work asking where I got it from.

lasting scent

I love how long the solid perfume lasts. Better than spray perfumes!

Eat the Peach
Jacklyn Chi
Sweet Scent

I ordered Eat the Peach based on Youtube reviews since they don't offer test samples (I wish they did!). I would say it does smell like peach, not in a synthetic way, but like an actual peach (a white peach to be exact). The middle peach note smells stronger to me, and I was hoping it be balanced with a woodier note from the Sandalwood base note, but I would say the middle note comes out stronger on my skin, which is a sweeter scent than I would like. This is not a criticism of the scent (it smells nice!), but just to share with others who may be looking for a "greener"/ woodier smelling peach scent.


This scent is so soothing!

Solid Perfume
Jacklyn Chi

I ordered and tested their samples prior to buying the full tubes. Of the solid perfumes, I ordered the full tubes of Naked Musk and Sandalwood. Maybe it's just me, but I noticed a difference in the way Naked Musk smells from the sample packet versus the tube it comes in. The tube of Nake Musk has a bit of an odd smell straight out of the tube that takes about 10-15 minutes to dissipate after applying on my skin; it's almost like an aluminum scent? It smells fine after a while, but I don't feel as excited to wear it now because of the off-putting start it has.

Refreshingly beautiful

The notes alone and combined together AND alongside your fav perfume, really uplift it to another level. The scents are simple, yet noticeable. I DO wish the musk had more projection as I am a die-hard musk fan, but the sandalwood?! So stunning! Would repurchase in a full size

Scents are beautiful but do not last

The scents are really beautiful and clean. The concept is great. Unfortunately, after applying to my wrists, the scent was completely vanished in 2 hours. This is the only thing preventing me from purchasing more.

Please give me refund

I have emailed so many times asking about refund. I have never got reply back. Please refund my money. Customer service is terrible

Naked Musk 103
Kyeongrim Kim
They don't give me refund

I have sent many emails, and even left a message, they didn't give me a refund over a month, never responded to my emails.

I have honest reviews of three of the solid perfumes on tik tok